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Fat Loss For Idiots Review

If you follow this plan, you will lose 9 lbs in 11 days
And, if you want to know what this “idiot diet” is all about, read my review. Why my review? Because I have been using this fast weight loss diet and have lost 24 lbs so far – in 5 weeks time. Does the fat loss for idiots diet work?

• Inexpensive, one time cost. On sale right now at half off also!! –> FatLoss4Idiots diet
• You choose the food you want.
• No feeling like you are starving
• You loose weight the whole time, not just at the beginning.
• After 11 days on the Fat Loss For Idiots diet, you can eat whatever you want for 3 days
• Easy to understand, easy to follow
• No special packaged food to purchase
• You make your own meals
• You have to eat up to four meals per day. With this fast weight loss diet plan, you eat foods of varying amounts of calories
• Fat Loss for Idiots diet is one of the most popular online diets – tried and tested

Some rules of the FatLoss4Idiots diet are :

1. Calorie consumption management
2. 4 meals a day and no eating for 2 ½ hours between each meal
3. Prepare your meals at home
4. Rotate protein and carbohydrates-rich meals
5. Eat the meals on a schedule
6. Drink six to 8 glasses of water daily
7. Know when to stop eating
8. Drink particular drinks only
9. Avoid sweets and snacks.
10. Regular exercise like walking 30 minutes a day

• Like any weight loss diet, you have to focus on it and stick with it
• Fatloss4idiots diet has rules to follow – see above list
• If you don’t know how to lose weight, or never went on a diet before, you have to learn what it takes to stay on the diet. This will be hard for first timers, no matter which diet you end up on. Fat Loss For Idiots diet review suggests you learn more on their site.
• You need to use the internet to use the diet generator for how to lose weight
• You need the diet generator for calorie shifting, providing your body with higher calories on one day and fewer calories on the other

I highly suggest the Fat Loss For Idiots diet. It is working for me, I am not tired of the menu, it is inexpensive, and I am wearing clothes I have not worn in several years.


The Common Problem…

It’s a well known fact that you must be extremely cautious before using any weight loss program. There are hundreds on the market to choose from and as we discovered, most people end up going round in circles putting their health at risk by embarking on dangerous and medically unsound regimes.

Personally, I went through the same thing during the first part of 2008 when I spent months desperately trying to lose weight. It was the usual scenario… having kids, not having the time to exercise and also being forced to change my eating habits…

Anyway, and to cut a long story short, I did eventually find an effective program that allowed me to lose 20lbs in 28 days, but when we were asked to investigate the online dieting industry a little further and to really put a bow around which programs dieters can actually succeed with, it seemed like a very worthwhile opportunity to really prove what I had achieved was possible for others.

Fat Loss For Idiots provides all the help one could need, which is fortunate for those of us who need this.

My Fat Loss Plans welcomes a positive, healthier you! 

My Fat Loss Plans reviews available diet plans, and then gives you our opinion on the pros and cons of the weight loss plans.  Please keep in mind, we are not doctors, nor are we offering medical advice. Please consult your doctor before attempting any diet plan.

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